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The Weather and Home Inspections

Have you ever considered how the weather could effect your home inspection? If you live in a place with extreme weather then this though may have ran across your mind. Otherwise, you may have never considered how the weather and home inspections are connected, and how knowing that could be a huge benefit for the home-buyer. Our next series of blogs will discuss how different weather patterns can affect a thorough home inspection and how to avoid mistakes by accommodating to the weather. In this article, we start with the heat.

The Heat in the Attic

Let’s start with the heat since Divinity Inspections Service is located in tropical Florida and we are now in the midst of summer. The heat is high every single day and sometimes the humidity feels even higher. As hot as it may feel outside it is even hotter in your attic! This is especially dangerous for a home inspector. Because of the heat, some home inspectors may not be able to inspect the attic of a house. If they are able to inspect the attic they may be prevented from doing a thorough job because of the heat or lack of ventilation. In this case, try to schedule the home inspection during the late evenings to give the home a chance to cool off a little.

The Heat on the Roof

You thought the attic is hot but you haven’t even felt the roof! That direct sunlight hitting the roof for 8 hours is sure to guarantee high temperatures. Since home inspectors have to check the roof for a thorough inspection the best way to avoid any danger is to schedule the inspection during the evening hours or even at night. This will give the home a little time to cool off.

The Heat Under the House

A crawl space is very similar to an attic space. These tiny spaces usually lack proper (or sometimes any) ventilation creating a very dangerous situation for a home inspector. Also depending on the foundation under the home, the very foundation could be effected by the heat. A good home inspector does a thorough inspection of every area of the home, crawl space included. If the home you are considering buying has a crawl space under the house you may want to keep this in mind during those extra hot summer days.

The weather and home inspections may not seem to correlate at first, but after this snippet on heat alone, we hope to change your mind. Of course a good home inspector already knows this and will take the weather into consideration when scheduling your home inspection.


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