A new-construction inspection is much like a warranty inspection except for the fact that the building and its systems are, in fact, new. Whereas a warranty inspection can apply to re-sale homes that offer a warranty, new-construction inspections are specifically designed for homes that have never been lived-in. Though new homes do not have the wear-and-tear on them that re-sale home may, various contractors associated with the construction may have made mistakes whether by accident or intentionally (such as taking “shortcuts” to finish the job faster or under-budget). A new-construction inspection provides you with an unbiased review by the inspector who acts as an objective and knowledgeable observer on your behalf to identify construction-related, code-related, and installation-related issues with home systems and structures.

New Construction or Phase Inspections for soon to be new home owner can be difficult.

I have worked with Custom Home Builders for over 10 years and still never know what to expect with the subcontractors or so called skilled workers they were using on job sites. I found it very important to know the builder’s reputation and any weak areas they may have in their construction services. The home is only as good as the subcontractors or the skilled laborers they use to build it. It is very easy to see some of the components that are installed, but some areas where there may be flaws are harder to observe. Another consideration is the Code requirements that should be met, but most buyers to not know all these codes. Lastly, you need to be familiar with product installation methods (siding, roofing, flashing, etc.) and must be able to point out the possible flaws to the builder. Questioning the builder becomes much easier with our help without offending the Builder. Having someone on your side means a higher quality built home for .

My goal for New Construction or Phase Inspections is let the Builder and/or Superintendents to know they are being monitored and they need to;

“do it right the first time.”

It is my opinion that Home Inspectors sometimes become referees representing their client’s best interest. I have always done new construction inspections with the knowledge that you can build the same home several different ways and still be “to code.” My job is to let the client know that what he is receiving compared
to what is locally acceptable.

To get a better understanding just watch ” Homles on Homes.

Here is a post of one Inspctor;

I did an inspection on a new home construction and my report cited 35 deficiencies. The buyer called the builder and canceled the deal. The builder demanded a meeting with my clients and I.

I told the builder that would cost $150.00 and I wanted the check at the meeting, he agreed. When I arrived I had a face off with the builder,the architect, Framing contractor, Concrete contractor, HVAC Contractor and the Dry wall contractor. They wanted me to justify my report and I did, Every Item. Sample item the air conditioner pad had settled and the pump was1 1/2 inches out of plumb. In the second floor bonus room I pushed my prob under the base board and it passed through the insulation in to the attic, I called four concern on this (air infiltration) (fire blocking) , (sheet rock nailing) since the trusses were 24″ on center and edge nailing for the subfloor. I could go on all day in the end they agreed to make all repairs except one The garage slab had cracks that were opened up to 1/8″ and offset if you slid a strait edge across the surface it would hit the other side of the crack and a strait edge would rock if placed over the cracks, My position was that the slab installation had failed and I stand by that, if I had built that house I would not have hesitated to jack hammer that slab and replace it but the Architect overruled me.