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The Rain and Home Inspections

The rain and home inspections can work together. Summer in Florida sometimes feels like Seattle – rain every single day. The rain may last a few hours, or a few minutes, or even all day. Either way it rains at some point during the day, every single day, in the month of June. While the rain starts to very slowly lighten up in July, hurricane season starts in late July and continues through September. In this article we want to highlight some points pertaining to the weather and how rain may effect your home inspection.

Yes we inspect in the rain

Many customers will ask us if we perform home inspections in the rain. The answer is yes we do. There is a great upside to inspecting a home in the rain – and that’s water leaks. The easiest way to know if a roof (or other places) is leaking is to inspect a home during the rain. So the rain can actually be an advantage. Of course an obvious disadvantage of inspecting in the rain is it can make some things more dangerous, such as being on the roof to inspect the roof, but we are seasoned professionals that know what we’re doing.

You see clearly in the rain

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the easiest way to find a roof leak is when it’s raining; but that’s not the only thing you can find. Are there any leaks behind the walls? Do the rain gutters work as they should? Does the backyard flood? Though we always check for grading and foundation problems, we many think it looks great but in reality water puddles and the backyard flooding is not something anyone would know until it actually rained. Let the rain work in your favor.

The downside is an upside

There is a downside to just about everything and the rain is no exception. All of our property inspectors go through rigorous training and each one is just as comfortable inspecting in the rain as they are in the sunshine. Don’t be afraid to call us because you’re concerned about the weather. Let the weather be our concern and you focus on all the things you need to focus on. Contact us now to schedule your home inspection.

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