The excitement of purchasing your first home can overshadow the potential issues or concerns that may not be obvious to an under-trained home inspection professional. Home buyers and investors appreciate our thorough home inspections because Divinity Inspection Service understand general building maintenance items and major issues and relay this information to the home buyer in clear, easy to understand terms. We take digital photos throughout the inspection and include them in the inspection report, along with several helpful diagrams and illustrations as needed.

A buyer’s inspection is initiated by the home-buyer usually as a contingency to the final close of a real estate sale. These types of inspections are designed to assure no hidden surprises for the purchaser. Damage discovered in a seller’s inspection can either be repaired by the seller (to maintain market value) or used as a negotiating tool by both seller and buyer. We encourage our clients to attend the entire home inspection, from beginning to end. A typical home inspection will take 2-4 hours on site to conduct, depending on the size and condition of the home, and how many questions our clients ask (we love questions!).