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Who Should Attend The Home Inspection?

As a home inspector, I often get asked who should attend the home inspection? The answer is fairly simple. Anyone who is involved in the transaction of the home for sale should attend the home inspection. This includes the real estate agents, the buyer, and the seller.

What you will learn at a home inspection

During a home inspection, the inspector will inspect the entire home. The inspector will record the condition of everything in the house and also detail any issues or concerns that might arise. A good inspector will educate you on the home and give you guidance on the condition.

Why the real estate agents should be there

Both real estate agents have a client to represent. Both agents should be there to record the findings of the inspection, ask any questions that might arise, and guide their clients in which questions they can ask.

Why the seller and the buyer should be there

If you find a seller doesn’t want the buyers to attend the inspection, that’s a big red flag. Every buyer has the right to learn about the house from the expertise of a home inspection. And since most buyers are the ones paying for the home inspection, it doesn’t really make sense that you wouldn’t attend.

During our home inspections, the more the merrier! We want everyone to feel comfortable attending, asking questions, and learning about the home. We inspect absolutely everything, including attics, crawl spaces, and the roof. Book your home inspection anytime with us online or by giving us a call!