The Home Inspection Process: A Buyer’s Guide

The home inspection process if fairly simple. Yet many new home buyers feel very intimidated by the process. Here is an essential guide that explains a home inspection.

Research your inspector before you choose to use them

You want to choose a home inspector that you feel comfortable using and that you feel you can trust. The first thing you need to do research them. Look at online reviews, customer testimonials, and their website. You can also ask for references or ask for a recommended inspector from a trusted source.

Attend the inspection

We highly recommend you attend the inspection. Even if this means you need to get permission from the homeowner or the real estate agent. And if any homeowner does not want you to attend your home inspection, that’s a huge red flag. You want to be there to ask any questions, give the inspector and opportunity to educate you on your home, and become familiar with any uncovered issues.

Read the report

Even if you attend the inspection, unless you are taking thorough notes, you won’t remember everything. Read the detailed report. The report will be a good reference and may further detail issues you discussed in short at the inspection.

Your inspector cannot quote the cost of repair, but they can give you a good idea

Your home inspector should not be expected to tell you exactly how much a repair will cost. Who you use for the repair is the only person that can quote you. But a home inspector can give you a ball park figure of what to expect a repair will cost, especially a major one.

These essentials should make you feel more comfortable about your home inspection. You can give Divinity Inspection Services a call to schedule your home inspection. You can also schedule your inspection directly on our website. We’ll do everything we can to make your inspection as comfortable and simple as possible.

home buyer program

First-time home buyer program now includes Home Inspection

We may be able to learn a lesson from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development in Glens Falls. Their new home buyer program now requires a home inspection as part of the application process. According to the Department, the inspection rule is in response to a tendency for first-time home buyers to decide on a house based solely on price, not condition, and then not be able to pay for the repairs necessary to keep it in livable condition.

Why are home inspections still just an option?

We have heard horror story after horror story of home buyers running into major repair issues in their new home. These issues at the very least could have been expected if the home buyers had an inspection done on the home first. In Florida there are many incentives and first-time home buyer programs. Some of them even include money towards the down payment. None of them require more than learning about the home inspection process.

Home inspections should be a requirement and a decision you make before you complete any purchase on a home. Every single home, even new builds, have the potential to need repairs. If for nothing else, a home inspection will give you a heads up of what to expect instead of a sudden major issue with a heft repair bill.

It’s your choice, so make the right one.

A home inspection should be as necessary as a down payment. Some banks might require a home inspection, but don’t depend on them to make that decision for you. Sellers may take the initiation to get a move-out home inspection or even a pre-listing home inspection. In these cases we still recommend scheduling your own home inspection. You can contact Divinity Inspections anytime for a residential or commercial property inspection.