cost of your home inspection

Breaking Down the Cost of Your Home Inspection

Have you ever wondered why a home inspection costs $400 and up? We here at Divinity Inspection Services think it might helpful if you knew the break down of the cost of your home inspection. Where the cost of your home inspection really goes. The cost is in the details and the details matter. Property inspection reports are often a dozen pages or more, detailing various components about the property. Hopefully after reading this blog and understanding the fees, you will feel that the investment is well worth it.

Tools and Equipment

Your home inspector will walk through every single room in the house. They will also inspect the roof, the attic, the basement, under the home, and every access. Home inspectors will inspect the foundation of the home and everything outside around the home. Common equipment used by all inspectors include flashlights, ladders, screwdrivers, and infrared cameras. Some inspectors, if needed, will also use a mold test kit, a radon test kit, or other certified material testing products.

Time and Experience

Each state has different licensing and certification requirements. Above that, the experience of your home inspector increase their value. A good home inspector will not only know where to look but what to look for that may be signs of an issue not otherwise obvious to the untrained eye. Time is also a huge contributor to a home inspector’s fees. The larger the home the longer the inspection. Often a home inspection takes no less than 2 hours to complete. If you stick around for the inspection, your inspector may walk you through some potential concerns. Some inspectors may even offer solutions, referrals, or estimated costs for repair. These details can help homebuyers make an informed decision before completing a purchase.