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Sample Report Bank repo Inspection.

Sample Report Manufactured Homes Inspection.

What to expect from your Home Inspection

With a thorough and comprehensive inspection from notes and picture of your new home / investment to provide you with a detailed report as well as feedback on future maintenance. This will give you a complete picture and the tools to make a right decision.

On the end of each inspection with buy or there representative, will be a wall through pointing out the findings with opportunity for discussion so you may a better understanding.

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Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI

The Tampa Bay Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors The purpose of this Chapter is to have relaxed, professional meetings that are aimed directly at learning what our clients really expect from us, how we can earn their business and how we can help them understand what we have to offer.

Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI Corp. is a non-profit Corporation


  1. Have all utilities are turned on and functional.
  2. If there is natural gas or propane service then all pilot lights should be lit.
  3. All wood burning stoves or fireplaces should be cleaned and no fires in these appliances for at least 24 hours prior to the inspection so that they can be properly inspected. Appliance manuals and WETT Certificates should also be available at the time of the inspection if they are available.
  4. The attic is readily accessible and all stored materials removed.
  5. Crawl space entrances are accessible.
  6. Furnace and water heaters are accessible and operational.
  7. Sinks are clear of dishes; showers and bathtubs are clear of personal items.
  8. Air Conditioning units are accessible and operational. (Seasonal)
  9. Built in appliances are operational and operating manuals available.
  10. Electrical panels are not locked or blocked and are easily accessible for cover removal and inspection.
  11. If there is a well and septic system, please have a site plan identifying where the well and septic field is located. Also find out when the tank was last pumped and how old the various components such as the septic tank, the weeping bed and the water pump are.
  12. Arrange a water potability and flow test if these are conditions of sale.
  13. All areas of the home need to be accessible and vacant. (All rooms, closets and storage areas should be unlocked to ensure access by the inspector.)
  14. Pets should be removed from the property or secured in cages.
  15. Building permits and receipts for repairs or improvements should be available for the inspector, the realtor and the client to review.
  16. The vendor, the tenant and all other occupants should vacate the premises for at least three hours from the start of the inspection.
  17. The buyers realtor should schedule at least three hours for the inspection and plan to be present for the complete inspection so that they can see what the defects are and learn first hand what the inspector is showing the buyer. Knowledge is power. Please contact (NAME at Company name and phone number) with any concerns you may have about the inspection process.