Why does a wind mitigation inspection reduce your insurance premium?

Our wind mitigation inspections have not only helped qualify a home or property for large discounts for wind insurance and have saved our clients $$ THOUSANDS $$. Insurance companies give greater discounts to those with the best wind resistance features on their home and property that minimize damage incurred by a windstorm. Damage to the home during a windstorm is decreased, thus windstorm damage costs are lessened, resulting in a reduced insurance premium. The homeowner receives Wind Mitigation savings in the insurance coverage applied as Wind Mitigation discounts.

What parts of the home is inspected during a Wind Mitigation Survey?

There are primary issues of wind mitigation is that are wind resistant characteristics of the roof and it a tachment to the walls. These characteristics are structural, and include concrete block construction, a hip roof, using single or double roof straps, gable end bracing, and the type of roof covering used. Other issues covered relate reinforced garage doors, impact resistant glass, and window shutters. Utilizing the property topography to have property opening protection and the presence of a SWR secondary water resistance barrier is helpful too. When you have a wind mitigation certificate the insurance company can calculate for a discount and possible premium refund. Homeowners Wind Mitigation have averaged a savings of 10% to 40% in their first year and this has offset Wind Mitigation Inspection cost.

Is there really a need for a protection against windstorms?

Yes, better protection is needed against windstorms because otherwise, severe damage may occur to the home or property. There are numerous forces encountered when strong winds assault your home. These winds can simultaneously create uplifting while shearing and lateral forces cause massive destruction to the home. This can result in destroyed windows and doors that allow water into the home, thereby causing severe damage to the home interior. Remember, high winds can blow debris onto and into the home, causing further destruction to the property. The worst scenario is a breach of the home’s outer construction. High powered winds can blow portions of the roof up or completely off the home because the combination of forces created wreak havoc on an unprotected structure. Installation of wind resistant items will help protect your family and property from unnecessary windstorm damage.

What can I expect from the the wind mitigation inspector and the inspection?

The wind mitigation inspection is completed by a certified expert inspector arrives at your property and seeks the key characteristics of your home which demonstrate it to be less damaged or catastrophically harmed by strong wind storms or hurricanes. Following the successfully completed inspection, the homeowner receives a certificate stating that the home is efficiently equipped to survive a windstorm event rather than a home lacking these characteristics. Therefore, the owner should not have to pay an equally high premium for the same insurance coverage. This typically is because structures of this type suffer less wind damage, and the insurers are ,more willing to lower their fees. Many states in regard to wind mitigation have mandated that insurance companies reduce their rates for homes with the characteristics of wind mitigation inspections. Therefore, with a wind mitigation certificate, the homeowner has a greater opportunity to pay less money per month than a homeowner without one. Some homeowners also qualify for refund checks from the insurer once the home has been wind mitigated inspected.

Some of our clients tell us their rates have dramatically dropped due to our wind mitigation inspection and that also the fees are reasonable. The results from our inspections have reimbursed the paid fee within a month or two of premium insurance savings. The average cost for the inspection is $70.00. The time needed for the inspection is about an hour on site, but that all depends on the size of the property. Our inspectors focus only on those characteristics in the home and on the property in which qualify for windstorm discounts outlined by each individual’s insurance carrier. Nothing else shall be reported to the insurance company.

Right now is the best time to choose having your home inspected by a certified wind mitigation inspector so that you too can enjoy lower insurance premiums as other informed homeowners have.

Residential buildings can be effectively classified according to their degree of wind vulnerability. That classification recognizes the fact that buildings with wind resistant features are expected to experience significant reductions in hurricane damage and loss. The reduced risk and associated loss result from both basic house characteristics and features (roof shape, frame vs. masonry, garage, etc.), as well as structural features of the building envelope (roof, deck connection, hurricane straps, shutters, etc). While the existing house characteristics are what they are, and cannot be easily modified, the key building envelope features can often be cost-effectively strengthened to provide notable reductions in vulnerability. Significant financial incentives exist for homeowners to protect their homes by rating structures based on wind vulnerability risk. This fact can translate into a plan that offers the first real opportunity to & ldquo; fix & rdquo; the problem of vulnerable housing stock in Florida. If given accurate and objective information, homeowners may choose to invest in mitigation in the mitt of their yearly premium rather than paining higher insurance premiums all year long. This will produce a & ldquo;win-win-win & rdquo; situation for the homeowner, the insurer, and the government.