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The Face Value of a Home Inspection

What is the face value of a home inspection? Instinctively you might say the answer depends on who you ask. What you may not realize is the real face value of a home inspection depends on your home and you! Not only that, but your home inspector plays a huge role in the value of your home inspection.

What if I asked you how much your car was worth, retail? Now if I asked you how much you would sell it for, that answer will probably be different. What you are willing to sell for vs. what you know your car is worth are two different numbers. This is the case for most things in life, and a home inspection is no exception. So, what is the real face value of a home inspection?

For any home buyer, the purchase of the home is highly dependent on the home inspection report. A good home inspection can save you from having to replace the roof, replace the water heater or another appliance. It can also help you avoid purchasing a home with potentially disastrous issues, like replacing all of the electrical or plumbing. We are talking tens of thousands of dollars in repairs! You may pay $500 (or less, or more depending on the size of the home) and it could save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Now that is a return on your investment.

Home buyers want the home inspection to report no major issues. Because the goal is to make sure no major issues exist in the home, this somehow has become a reason to expect home inspections to cost less. You get what you pay for and that goes for your inspection. Why would you pay less for a home inspection when the risk is so big? So we come back around to the important question – what is the face value of a home inspection? Now that you have all of this information you may find that your answer has changed.

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