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All the Reasons Why You Need a Home Inspector

Recently we were hired to inspect a home that was under contract for purchase. The buyers were first time home owners and came to use through a referral. After discussing what they needed and setting a day and time, we met at the home for their inspection. When I arrived I realized the home had a sea wall because it sat on a canal. While the new buyers told us the home was on a canal, they did not mention they had a sea wall. How could they? They didn’t even know! I explained to them the importance of having the sea wall inspected, even though there was a small additional cost. They agreed and the inspection ensued.

Upon inspection of this sea wall we found some major foundation cracks. These are the kind of issues you don’t want to find out about after you’ve purchased a home. This kind of repair has a heft price tag associated with it. We walked the new buyers through the inspection, explained everything as we always do, and gave them the details on everything about the home.

Since the home owner chose not to have a pre-listing home inspection done, they also did not know there were existing issues with the sea wall. The new buyers now had to re-negotiate the sale of the house based on this finding.

I know what you’re thinking. “This is why I don’t want a home inspection. A home inspector could kill the dream of buying our dream home! It could kill the dream of selling my house!”. If that is what you are thinking, you couldn’t be more wrong. Our goal is most certainly not to “kill” any home purchasing deal. However, if we hadn’t found the issues then the new home owners could have very quickly found themselves is a financially difficult situation. And while having to re-negotiate the sale of the home, it certainly doesn’t mean the deal is dead. On that same note, had the owner done a pre-listing inspection on the home they would have known about the issue and could have accounted for it before putting their home on the market for sale.

This story is only one of many that we experience every week. New home owners move into a home without having it inspected only to find they’ve walked into expensive necessary repairs. We have no authority to enforce standards but rather to merely point out conditions as they exist and make recommendations.

We would recommend repair to minor grouting in the shower stall just as we would for a leaking roof. Our goal is to help our clients distinguish between the significant needs of the home and those that are more commonplace. Click here to schedule your home inspection today!
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It’s Spring Home Maintenance Time

Spring is in the air! The weather is insisting you get outside, so why not? The Spring time is the perfect time to do some much-needed repairs and home maintenance. In this blog we will highlight 5 of the best maintenance tips you can take advantage of before the rainy season sets in.

Take a look at your roof

Winter can be the toughest season on a roof. Between hurricane season that leads into winter, hard rains, and the cold – your roof might need some attention. Before the rainy season sets in and creates an even bigger problem, get up on that roof and take a good look around. Look for loose tiles, missing tiles, or gaps. You can also give your roof a good cleaning, just don’t pressure wash it.

Check your gutters

Since you’re up there anyways, take a look at the gutters. You’ve already got the ladder out so make sure to clean them out. Your gutters are your life-savers during the harsh and heavy rains but they can’t do their job if they are already bogged up. After you’ve cleaned them out you can run a hose through them to check for leaks and patch as needed. Don’t forget to check your downspouts.

Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace this is the right time to clean up. Now that winter is over and it is unlikely you’ll be using it anytime soon, it’s the perfect time. Hiring a professional chimney sweep is really your best option unless you are familiar with the cleaning process. Check your fireplace setting for any loose bricks, cracks, or corrosion.

Landscape is a given

Landscaping in Florida is almost all year-round. Especially if Florida experienced a mild winter. Spring is the season to get your garden ready. Prune your shrubs, prepare your soil for planting, or get your garden ready for new growth. You should also check your trees for any over-grown branches. Heavy branches are a certain hazard if they hang over your roof.

Take a look at your fence

Heavy rains mean heavy winds that could jeopardize your fences. Especially if they are already in questionable shape. Now is the time to address any fence panels that need replacing, breaks in the fence, gaps, etc. You will also find stores like Home Depot and Lowes will Spring-related items on sale, making it the perfect time to buy these materials!

Don’t forget to contact Divinity Inspections if you need a pre-listing home inspection. You can also schedule a home inspection with us directly online through our website!