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Infrared Cameras and Home Inspections

Infrared cameras and thermal imaging are some two of the many technologies you might see your home inspector carrying with them to your home inspection. Technology advances with home inspectors as it does with just about every other sector and these gadgets sure do come in handy! Some home inspectors have been using these tools for many years but as they advanced they make inspecting a home and finding hidden issues significantly easier.

Infrared Cameras: What They Do

Infrared cameras are excellent at detecting many issues that might others try to “hide” in a home inspection. For example, an infrared camera can determine how much heat (or lack of heat) a radiator might be emitting. Infrared cameras are also necessary for detecting water stains that have been painted over. To the naked eye you couldn’t see where there might be or have been a water leak but with the infrared camera it’s as easy as taking a picture.

Infrared Images: Unusual Finds

There are some unusual home inspection issues that you may never realize an infrared camera is used to find. Heated floors show up quite nicely in a thermal image and helps us ensure the heated floors are working properly. Even electrical issues can sometimes be spotted with an infrared camera. For example, if a breaker is being overloaded it might look extremely hot in a thermal image. One last unusual find might be air leaks in walls and attics, especially if they are covered by insulation.

Infrared Cameras: New Technologies

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, FLIR Systems announced five new thermal imaging cameras. These new cameras are smaller, easier to manage, and improve image quality. The cameras include two new third generation FLIR ONE thermal camera attachments for smartphones, two dual-sensor thermal cameras from drones, and one compact thermal camera for building inspectors.