Tampa home inspection

What to expect in a Home Inspection

Every home inspection is different and each home inspection brings its own challenges, but there are some common finds with each home inspection. Even property inspections have common defects. On our Divinity Inspection website, we like to make sure every customer has a clear expectation of what to expect with our services, and sometimes that means discussing some of the more common issues we find. You can also look at our defects page for pictures and more information, but probably the most common misconception about our home inspections is that we’re there to scare you. We’re not, we’re there to educate you. You WANT to learn about your home and we WANT to tell you all about it.

That being said, we want to note that not all inspectors are the same. Some inspectors don’t believe in continuous training / learning like we do. All of our inspectors go through weekly updated training to stay updated in building science, inspection training, and much more. You can be confident that our inspectors will not only give you a thorough report but will be highly trained in their specialty.

Roofing issues

Issues with the roof can vary from very minor, such as replacing a few shingles, to major such as replacing a new roof. In some cases, the roof doesn’t need to be replaced right away, but we will know if it will need to be replaced in the next few years and will be able to give the buyer a heads up so they can prepare financially for that big cost.

Foundational Issues

We always hope that we don’t find foundational issues with a home. No need to freak out because sometimes the foundational issues aren’t extremely major. Did you hear about the time we found a tree stump under the house? (We have a picture of it) Not a big deal…as long as the tree stump doesn’t grow.

Electrical Wiring

Of all the common defects we find, electrical wiring is almost guaranteed! Whether the outlets need to be changed or updated, or the wiring throughout the house is no longer up to standard, there’s almost always something that needs to be done in this category. Many times the “do it yourself” jobs, or what we like to call the “handyman special”, simply don’t pass inspection. The good news is, more often than not, the electrical wiring issues that we find is not what we consider a “major” issue and takes little effort to fix.

Plumbing Issues

If a defect could be more common than electrical wiring it would be plumbing issues. Leaking, outdated, or problematic systems occur in many homes and properties. If the home has been well maintained, then these plumbing issues tend to be a fairly easy fix. However, if the home has not been well maintained these plumbing issues can become major issues very quickly.

With Divinity Inspection services you have nothing to fear and nothing to feel anxious about. We will walk you through every single piece of your home and talk to you about your potential maintenance, future costs, immediate concerns, and more. Call us now to schedule your home inspection!