insurance fraud

What Is Insurance Fraud: Don’t Be Fooled

Insurance fraud is the act of using false information to received undeserved compensation by your insurance company. Insurance fraud can be committed in many ways. Unfortunately, as a home inspector, we run into homeowners that don’t understand the seriousness of this offense. Here are the three most common requests we deny that would result in home insurance fraud.

Using old reports

Some homebuyers will ask us to use old reports as part of our documentation for a home inspection. However, using outdated reports is considered falsifying a home inspection report. Our job is to show up at the home and inspect the home in its current condition. We cannot use an old report, even if it is only a few years old.

In Florida, codes are constantly updated. What was once allowed three years ago may not be allowed today. Homebuyers may think their home is up to code only to find out the new code now disqualifies them. This can be really upsetting news, and we understand that. But, we still have to do our job. We still have to let you know when something in your home needs to be fixed. We will never use an old report just to pass your inspection.

Overstating the value of the home

When you buy a home you hope that you will get some equity out of the home. We understand that. Even so, overstating the value of a home is a type of home insurance fraud. When we inspect your home we want to give an accurate estimate of the value of your home in the condition it is in. We will even detail what you can renovate or fix and estimate how much the value will increase.

Our goal is to help you be as informed about your home as possible. Whether you are using us for a pre-listing home inspection or a home inspection before you complete the purchase. We want to make sure you are completely educated about your home, as well as any issues or concerns.

Missing information on the inspection report

Sometimes a homeowner will request we leave something off the report because they intend on fixing it right away. This is especially common when a homeowner is conducting a pre-listing inspection or an inspection to receive a discount on their home insurance.

Be that as it may, asking us to leave information out of a report is a type of home insurance fraud. And simply put, we won’t do it. Even if you have clear intentions of fixing an issue in your home – do yourself a favor and fix it before the inspection. We cannot report that something has been addressed unless we see that is has with our own eyes. We cannot write a report built on “promises”.

Divinity Inspection Services takes insurance fraud very seriously. We are always on the homeowners side and we always want to be helpful. That being said, we will not help you commit insurance fraud and we would hope that you wouldn’t ask us to. If you are looking for an honest and truthful home inspector who will give you as much detail about your home as possible, then that’s us! Schedule your home inspection here today.