how to stay cool

How To Stay Cool On A Budget

Tampanians everywhere are trying to figure out how to stay cool without paying really high electric bills. Summer is already here, with the heat index in the high nineties and the humidity over 50% on most days. Tampa is hot. That means your house might be feeling hot too. Here a few things you can do to beat the heat without sending your electric bill over the hill.

1. Take advantage of a free energy-saving assessment

Did you know that both TECO and Duke Energy offer free in-home assessments? This means one of their representatives will come into your home and make recommendations on how you can increase energy efficiency. They check everything in your home that they can see. This can make a huge impact and they offer this service at no charge. You just have to call and make the appointment.

2. How much heat can you take?

According to Duke Energy, every degree increase saves about 5% in cooling costs. Obviously, the higher you can set your A/C, the more you will decrease your bill.

3. Change your air filters often

I recommend at least monthly during the summer. If you have pets then even more often. Changing the filter can have a big impact on your A/C’s efficiency.

4. Find the air leaks

Air leaks are a huge air sucker and will definitely increase your electric bill. Find and seal any and all air leaks in your home.

5. Use your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are great to keep rooms in your home cool. Fans work to spread the cool air around your home, keep the temperature down, and give you some direct cool air.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to stay cool this summer. Now that you know how to stay cool on a budget, make sure to give us a call if you also need a home inspection!