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Tampa Hurricane Prep: We Did Good

Some might say we got lucky, some say it doesn’t make sense. According to one meteorologist, it was the and of God why Tampa got off so easy. We were expecting a direct hit from an intense hurricane and yet, what we experienced was mild. To say the least. We did good Tampa. And just in case, here’s what you need to know for the next hurricane prep.

The earlier you prep, the better

We ran out of a lot of things. We ran out of sand for the sandbags, gas for the cars, water in the stores, and plywood for boarding up our home. The people who decided to go ahead and get what they needed early are the ones who suffered the least. Lesson learned, the sooner you get what you need, the better.

Prepping for no power or water is difficult

I can honestly say the most difficult effect of the storm was losing power and water. Some were without power and water for almost a week. Others didn’t even lose power or water. Now that you’ve had the experience you can prepare even better. For those that didn’t, here’s what you need to know: everything takes longer to do and it will get hot pretty fast. I suspect more people will be investing in generators.

Hold on to your plywood

While we’ve dodged a bullet, hurricane season isn’t over quite yet. We’ve still endured the effects of flooding in various areas around Tampa Bay and we have seen what others have endured as a result of the hurricane. Before you quickly rid your home of your hurricane supplies, wait for the end of the season. You can also hold on to your supplies for a rainy day.

Divinity Inspection Services will inspect your home rain or shine. While we don’t recommend scheduling a home inspection during a hurricane, sometimes learning about a home best is during a storm. Schedule your home inspection online or give us a call to answer any of your questions!

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Hurricane Season and Home Inspections

Hurricane season and home inspections are related. As we all know, Florida is notorious for getting hit with hurricanes. The official hurricane season has already commenced with an early June 1st start date and a late finish on November 30th. According to, it has been predicted by CSU meteorologists that 12 storms are expected to hit. Five of those storms possibly becoming big level 3 hurricanes. When storms are rolling in with only a 1-2 day notice sometimes, can you say your home is fully prepared? Here are two key areas of your home that need to be inspected if you want to prepare for hurricane season.

Roof Inspections

Your roof is key to protecting your home from storms that could wreak havoc onto your roof and entire home. Roof damage can be caused from leaks in roof decking. These leaks can lead to soaking through ceilings and damaging belongings, or even having your entire roof ripped apart, due to loose shingles or roof tiles. Also for added protection, installing hurricane straps are a necessity if you live near the coast.

Wind Mitigation Analysis

Wind mitigation inspections are extremely useful for making sure your home is able to withstand high winds, storms and any type of damage that can occur over time. Wind mitigation inspections are especially important when it comes to hurricane season. When having a proper inspection done and taking precautionary measures to protect your doors and windows, you could really be saving yourself from a potential disaster in your home. Right now is the best time to choose to have your home inspected by a certified wind mitigation inspector at Divinity Inspections. Did you know that you could also lower your home insurance premium with a wind mitigation inspection?


Lastly, here are a few additional precautionary tips to use during hurricane season:

  • Ditch the “X” on the window
    • Don’t tape your windows. The National Hurricane Center actually says the tape won’t keep your glass or windows from shattering. Instead use that valuable time to prepare for the hurricane by stocking food and water.
  • Plan to evacuate
    • While hurricanes rarely result in a mandatory evacuation – it does happen. Be prepared to evacuate if evacuation becomes a requirement.
  • Pick up the yard
    • It’s easy to forget things in the front or back yard but if you don’t remember to pick them up more than likely they won’t still be in the yard after a hurricane.
  • Don’t stop for gas
    • Preparing for a hurricane should always include filling up your gas tank in case you have to evacuate or leave in a hurry. Many people may need to stop at the gas station and you don’t want to have to join that line if you’re trying to get out of town.


Call Divinity Service anytime to schedule your home inspection. We work with your schedule, take last minute appointments, and all of our inspectors are certified!