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Have a plan before you sell your home

Who says you need a plan to sell your home? The market is hot, people are buying and selling all over Tampa Bay! So you can just stick a “for sale’ sign in your front yard and that’s it, right? Not exactly. Especially if you plan to sell your home yourself and without an agent – you’re going to need a plan. Because the reality is, if sticking a sign in your front lawn was enough then realtors wouldn’t exist.

Create a Marketing Plan

Why do you need a plan, specifically a marketing plan, to sell your home? It’s not about just throwing any price on your house, it’s about selling it for all it’s worth. A plan is the source of getting top dollar for the least amount of hassle and within a reasonable time frame.

Exposure is Key

Sure you can throw your house up on Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, etc. You can also host your own open house. But how will you get people to attend your open house? Who will manage the listings or inquiries made on your home from all of those online platforms?

More is More

The more buyers you can attract, the more competition among buyers, the higher the price. The more expansive the exposure of your home, the more buyers you can attract. The goal is generate multiple offers. This is what will sell your home for top dollar. Even if you don’t get multiple offers, more exposure means increasing your changes of selling your home within a reasonable time frame. Every home owner that wants to sell their home has the same goal: to sell for top dollar, in a reasonable time frame, for the least amount of hassle.

Statistics show that listing your home a real estate professional will produce more money in your pocket at the end of the sale than by selling your home on your own. Even so, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are working your way toward that top dollar. Getting a pre-listing home inspection, for example, is an excellent way to sell your home. Call us now to get more information or schedule your inspection right here on our website.

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Why do I need a home inspection?

Often people have a misconception about what a home inspection is all about or what it is intended to provide. Divinity Inspection would like to clear up some of your concerns. First of all, no inspection should be considered to be a guarantee of finding all defects. In the real world this just cannot be accomplished. Inspectors do not have the option of probing into finished surfaces or concealed areas.

That being said, what we look for are indicators of some condition that may raise a question or concern of a past or current situation. Some conditions may only present themselves only occasionally such as flickering lights or waste line back ups. It’s every inspector’s hope that such situations crop up during the home inspection, but we’re not always that lucky.

A property inspection is not intended as a code compliance evaluation. Building codes by the way are minimum standards and can vary widely by state, country and even village. There are also new versions of each code that are generated from time to time. Keeping up with all them is next to impossible. So we look for conditions that meet national standards as well as what we call “best practice.” Our inspection is based upon the conditions as they exist at the time of the inspection. We cannot warrant that conditions will not change after our evaluation.

In our inspections we are primarily concerned with issues that have to do with safety and/or significant repair cost. Much of what we find we consider to be normal wear & tear items that would be corrected after settlement. These are not conditions that would necessarily warrant a request of the seller to repair. Such issues are secondary to us, ones that we do not give as much attention to when we go through a home. For example, the need for some minor grouting or caulking in a shower stall would be minor. On the other hand, loose tile and indication of water damage in the wall would major and be of more concern; and be a reasonable request of the seller to correct.

We have no authority to enforce standards but rather to merely point out conditions as they exist and make recommendations. We will recommend repair to minor grouting in the shower stall just as we would for a leaking roof. Our goal is to help our client distinguish between the significant needs of the home and those that are more commonplace.