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How To Prevent Flooding In Your House

We thought the rainy season was over, but we were wrong! Tampa is still in for quite a bit more, and already it seems we have a pretty active hurricane season. If you haven’t already noticed the flooding all over the area, you certainly will soon. Here are a few things you can do to prevent flooding in your house.

Elevate your important things in the garage

If flooding occurs around your home, likely the first place the water will get into is your garage. Even if your garage is unorganized, get the important things off the ground.If water does enter, at the very least, you won’t have to worry about anything important getting ruined.

Keep sandbags on hand

If water is already at your door then you may have lost the battle. However, if you’ve noticed an influx in the rain and a potential for flooding, having sandbags on hand can make all the difference. Before the rain, put the sandbags out around the house where the flooding would occur.

Dig a trench

This is certainly going the extra mile but might be necessary. If you find your yard is completely saturated and more rain is headed your way, a trench would help your lawn drain and could prevent flooding into your home.

Depending on how much rain and the potential for flooding, extreme action could be necessary. The idea is to prevent flooding in your home from happening instead of having to deal with the after-damage. Don’t forget that during our home inspections we’ll be able to tell you if the house has had any flood damage.

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Do I need a Prelisting Home Inspection?

During the process of selling a home the purchasers will require a home inspection. If your home will eventually have a home inspection done, why do you need a prelisting home inspection? How do you know when you should be considering paying for a home inspection before you put your house up for sale? These are common questions we run into with home owners. What many don’t know is the time, money, and headache a prelisting home inspection can save.

Who needs a Prelisting Home Inspection

Not everyone needs to have their home inspected before listing their home for sale. In fact, you could argue that most people don’t. We won’t argue that most people do, but we want you to be able to make an informed decision before bypassing this option. Here are some indications to consider before deciding:

  • You doubt the condition of your home, whether it be the home’s entirety or something specific
  • If you need to identify and fix major problems before listing the home for sale / uncover any potential “deal breakers”
  • You want ease of mind by knowing what any home inspection might uncover before entering the selling process
  • If you want to speed up the sales process


As you can see the list is long and we can go into more detail. Give us a call if you are considering getting a prelisting home inspection done and we are happy to offer our guidance.

Benefits of a Prelisting Home Inspection

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above then it’s time to seriously consider getting a prelisting home inspection. Let us explain how it works and some of the direct benefits you can expect, both for you personally and for the purchaser, as a result of a home inspection.

First, a home inspector will inspect your home from top to bottom before you list your home on the market. The inspector will write up a full report of any minor or major issues with your home. You then have the option to address these issues before listing your house or leave everything as is. No matter what, the decision is yours to make. Either way you can work your decision into the listing price. If you choose not to repair any major issues you will have to compensate this into the listing price. If you do choose to repair any major issues then you might be able to increase the listing price of the home. Ask your agent to help you determine what is best for your situation. Both the report and overview can be made available to real estate professionals and prospective buyers.

With a home inspection report, you have now completed a major step in the home buying process. Prospective buyers can have ease of mind because they already reviewed your inspection report. Some buyers, if they are satisfied with the report, will choose not to have the home inspected a second time. This makes the entire process faster. If buyers decide to have a second inspection done you can rest easy knowing you already have all of the information.

Share or not, you cannot hide

That being said, keep in mind that you do not have to share the prelisting inspection report with anyone. Especially if you have addressed or repaired any issues, there may be no benefit to sharing these previous flaws with prospective buyers. To clarify – you should never try to hide major issues in the home from any agents or prospective buyers. Being upfront about the condition of the home will help to eliminate conditional offers or issues with negotiations, resulting in the seller having to sell the home more than once because the buyer has changed their mind.

If you are interested in scheduling a prelisting home inspection today, start by scheduling your inspection directly on our website! Please call us with any specific questions you might have.

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The 5 Best Home Updates

You’re looking around your home and wondering, “What should I update?”. Better yet – what do you need to update? Maybe it feels like everything or maybe it feels like nothing, either way we’ve got a simple guide of the some of the best home updates. These are especially effective if your goal is to increase your home’s value. Whether you plan to put your home into this current seller’s market or potentially sell your home down the road, these updates will only be beneficial.

Minor Bathroom Remodel

Not every remodel has to be a complete gut and replace. In fact, very minor but effective touches can make all the difference in the world! Update your fixtures such as the hardware. A new toilet seat can go a very long way. If you want to do something a little bigger, add a window. Bathrooms with windows are significantly more appealing to buyers. Re-caulking your bathtub is also an easy DIY project that can put a finishing touch on an old bathroom.


If you watch Flip or Flop on HGTV you will notice how they always talk about the importance of good landscaping. Women, it’s like putting on lipstick. It’s a finishing touch but one that is most noticeable. Men, it’s like getting the right TV stand or mount. It’s just necessary to support an already valuable piece of property. Landscaping has a 100% return at resale every single time.

New Paint

Oh what a fresh coat of paint will do! Do not use the pain to hide any major repairs, such a water leaks. They will be discovered during inspection anyways and trying to make it look like a cover-up will only reflect poorly on you. However, a fresh coat of paint can make any room feel updated almost instantly. Consider painting the exterior of the home as well to increase the curb-appeal.

Replacement Windows

If eyes are the windows to the soul then the same goes for your home. Windows do so much for a house! Sunlight, especially in Tampa bay where we have plenty of sunlight, can make your home look bigger and feel more inviting. The warmth of the sunlight adds a warmth to the home. So make sure the next time you leave your home so your agent can do a showing, open up all the shades. Updating your windows can be expensive but the investment will yield a return during resale.

Updating Perception

Selling a home has a lot to do with perception. When a person steps into a house they start imaging what it would look like for them if they lived there. This is very hard to do if the house is already filled with what it looks like while you live there. In other words, you need to de-clutter and organize. Pack some of your belongings away and clear some of the space around the home.

Don’t forget you also have the option to do a pre-listing inspection. Our pre-listing inspections will inform you of any issues about your home before you list it and also shows home-buyers that you are serious about selling. Call us today to schedule one!

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The Home Inspector and the Real Estate Agent Relationship

The home inspector and the real estate agent have a unique relationship. In most cases, this relationship is good. Both the home inspector and the real estate agent tend to look out for the home buyer’s best interest when considering a home for purchase. However, you may hear about this relationship becoming a strain on either party or within specific cases. Stories claim some real estate agents try to pressure the home inspector to “take it easy” on their inspection with a concern that any major issue with the house will kill the deal. I promise you that even if a real estate agent tries to pressure a home inspector, they still have the home buyer’s best interest in mind. The relationship between a home inspector and a real estate agent can become very delicate but there are a few things you should know.

Use the Inspector your Agent refers

If you trust your real estate agent then you should trust their reference. Your agent doesn’t just want to sell you a house, they want to sell you a home. When an agent knows and trusts a home inspector to do a good job they will always refer that inspector. You should consider their reference first. If your agent is on your side then you know the home inspector will be too. That being said, you must understand that the home inspector’s job is to make you aware of any potential problems with the home. We are not trying to ruing your “dream home” or break your heart. At the end of the day, you still get to decide if you want to purchase the house or not but now you can make a much more informed decision.

Let the Home Inspector do their job

So many home buyers quake at the thought of a home inspection. Especially first time home buyers. They get so worked up that the home inspector is going to find something that will completely dash their dreams of buying the house they have fallen so in love with. But you have to let the inspector do their job. Do you want to move into a house and find out after 6 months that you need a new roof? Which can cost upwards of $10,000 by the way. Of course you don’t! If there is ever a time to spend money on a home it is to make sure you are aware of exactly what you are purchasing before you complete the transaction.

Trust your instincts

There are a few cases where the home buyer does not feel comfortable with their real estate agent. For whatever reason, they just don’t trust that their agent is on their side. In these same cases, being open and honest with your agent might be all you need. Sometimes it’s a miscommunication, sometimes personalities don’t blend, etc. But whatever the reason might be, don’t stay with an agent you don’t feel comfortable with. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life – both financially and emotionally. You want to go through that process with someone you trust.

You know you can trust Divinity Inspections to perform a thorough inspection on your home. We will always walk you through our reports, explain everything we find, answer all of your questions, and even give you references if you need any. We also work with some really fantastic real estate agents that we are happy to refer. Because referrals go both ways! Contact us today and tell us how we can help.

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Infrared Cameras and Home Inspections

Infrared cameras and thermal imaging are some two of the many technologies you might see your home inspector carrying with them to your home inspection. Technology advances with home inspectors as it does with just about every other sector and these gadgets sure do come in handy! Some home inspectors have been using these tools for many years but as they advanced they make inspecting a home and finding hidden issues significantly easier.

Infrared Cameras: What They Do

Infrared cameras are excellent at detecting many issues that might others try to “hide” in a home inspection. For example, an infrared camera can determine how much heat (or lack of heat) a radiator might be emitting. Infrared cameras are also necessary for detecting water stains that have been painted over. To the naked eye you couldn’t see where there might be or have been a water leak but with the infrared camera it’s as easy as taking a picture.

Infrared Images: Unusual Finds

There are some unusual home inspection issues that you may never realize an infrared camera is used to find. Heated floors show up quite nicely in a thermal image and helps us ensure the heated floors are working properly. Even electrical issues can sometimes be spotted with an infrared camera. For example, if a breaker is being overloaded it might look extremely hot in a thermal image. One last unusual find might be air leaks in walls and attics, especially if they are covered by insulation.

Infrared Cameras: New Technologies

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, FLIR Systems announced five new thermal imaging cameras. These new cameras are smaller, easier to manage, and improve image quality. The cameras include two new third generation FLIR ONE thermal camera attachments for smartphones, two dual-sensor thermal cameras from drones, and one compact thermal camera for building inspectors.