keeping your home safe

Keeping Your Home Safe For The Holidays

It’s the holiday season and shopping is in the air! Unfortunately, so are break-ins. Keeping your home safe for the holidays is a top priority. Many neighborhoods have already reported break-ins and attempted thefts as people fill their home with presents. There are a few things you can do to take precaution and discourage thieves from breaking into your home.

Keep your security lights on

With your Christmas lights up you may forgot to turn on your security lights. But when the timer goes off during the night and turns off your Christmas lights the area becomes very dark. Lights are a direct determent for thieves so make sure to turn them on.

Shopping bags go in the trunk

When you are shopping at the mall and decide to drop off some bags to the car, make sure you put them in the trunk. Scouts hang out in parking lots at malls and watch what people do with their shopping bags. Putting your gift in the backseat will be very attractive to someone staking out cars to break into. The backseat is much easier to access and get away so put them in the trunk.

Lock up your home securely

You may be thinking this one is really obvious. However, many people who feel secure in their home will leave doors and windows open or unlocked throughout the day. Some maybe even at night. During a season that theft is at its peak, it’s even more important to always keep your home secure. Even if you are home.

We hope everyone stays safe and has a wonderful holiday season. Don’t forget to put down the phone and other technology, and be present with the ones you love. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!