How To Prepare Your Home For Cold Weather

We don’t get cold weather too often here in Florida. But every once in a while a good cold snap come through, like the one we’re getting next week. Believe it or not, there are some steps you can take to prepare your home for the cold weather.

1. Fix any window that don’t close properly

Windows can be a huge source of heat loss. This is also an easy way for allergens that come with the cold to get into your home. Make sure all of your windows, doors, and sliding glass doors close properly.

2. Prepare your fireplace

A fireplace in Florida can actually come in handy. Thanks to he humidity, 50 degrees can feel a lot colder. A fireplace is a quick and easy way to heat the home without burning your energy bill and is also a great way to keep the allergens at bay. Just be sure your flute is open and clean.

3. Change your filters

Changing your filters should be done every month. If you have pets, then even more often. Yet many people don’t change their filters for three months or more. Your filter is key to keeping allergens out of the home and the air fresh and clean.

4. Do a pre-winter clean

We all have those heavy blankets and bedding that are pulled out for use only a few times a year, if that! Don’t wait until you need them. Go ahead and wash them, get them ready for use. Do a big clean around the house to get rid of dust mites and mold spores that can create trouble in the cold.

5. Do as much as you can before you close things up

When you close up the house to keep the cold out is when you close up the house to keep everything else in. So the more you can do before you close up the house, the better. Keep in mind you won’t have the fresh air blowing through the house for days, maybe even weeks.

We hope these tips help you fair the cold weather. It should be coming in this week and lasting for a while so get ready Floridians!

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