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Home Inspections Cost Less

Home Inspections cost less than you think. The average new home buyer may consider skipping a home inspection but when you think about the cost of a home inspection vs. potential home repairs, it makes no sense at all. Check out some of the average costs in common home repairs we find during our inspections and compare them to making the $500 decision of getting your home inspected. The list we’ve created below are potential repairs, that when identified ahead of time, could save you a significant amount of money. We hope that after reading this article you find that home inspections cost less than you ever realized!

The Roof

The average new roof on a home costs approximately $15,000. The larger the home the higher the cost of a new roof. Every home inspector will inspect the roof to identify how many years are left on the vitality of the roof. If your roof will need to be replaced soon you can better prepare for that big expense. Sometimes you can even negotiate the expense into the purchase price.

New Plumbing

The average cost of new plumbing in a 1500 square foot home ranges from $4,000 – $10,000. In older homes, plumbing is a common issue that many times need to be addressed. Without a proper home inspection this issue is easily overlooked. With such an expensive potential home repair, a $500 home inspection should seem necessary.

Flood Zones

In Florida, if a home is in a flood zone then it will be listed. However, not all homes that experience some type of flooding is actually listed in a flood zone. Some neighborhoods might experience flooding throughout the neighborhood, or a driveway, or backyard, etc. A home inspector would be able to find identifiers that suggest flooding issues. A major flooding issue would easily cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

As you can see, home repairs come in all sizes. Some big, some small, some minor, and some major. When you get a thorough home inspection like what Divinity Inspection Service offers you can find peace of mind knowing that any issue will be determined, listed, and detailed in our home inspection report.All of a sudden $500 doesn’t sound like a lot now does it?

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