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Home Inspecting a rental might be worth the investment

You may think having a rental inspected seems excessive, but in reality inspecting a rental could save you a huge headache in the long run. There is a growing trend in the Tampa Bay Area and it’s not a good one. Conflict with landlords and big management companies in getting rentals fixed. Many tenants are complaining about concerns and issues not being addressed by their landlords or property manager. As a result the tenants are having to fix the problems themselves or live with it.

An Inspection will take the “Bull by the horns”

If you are considering entering into a long-term rental contract then you should also consider paying for a home inspection. Before signing on the dotted line, give the inspection report to the landlord and demand any major issues be taken care of before moving in. This is not an unreasonable request. If the inspection report shows significant reason for concern the landlord will meet your request. Property management companies may have a different structure you will need to follow. Some PMs will request you use their home inspector, others will simply not comply. Either way, you should never move into a home you don’t feel comfortable and confident living in.

Inspectors can give referrals too

Home inspectors, such as Divinity Inspection, work with real estate agents, landlords, and property managers all over the Tampa Bay Area. As a result, we know and can tell you what to expect from a specific company. We can tell you if they will allow a home inspection to be done, if they will accept a report from us, or any other specific procedures you may have to follow. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. For you to love the home you’re in, to be happy enough to stay a long time, and to feel safe.

Other Options

Keep in mind that if you do run into any major issues, regardless of an inspection, you have other options. If your home is a new build you can call the builder and they will take care of any major issues in the home. You can also call your PM and ask who the best person is to contact to address specific issues.

If you do want to get a home inspected, whether you are renting or buying, we are happy to help. You can schedule your inspection directly on our site or give us a call!

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