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2018 Home Remodeling Trends

Selling a home almost always requires some updates. According to Houzz, there are some home remodeling trends you should consider before putting any holes in your walls!

Color in kitchens

For a while now, all white kitchens have been the “in-thing”. Finally, colors are coming back into kitchens. However, you’ll want to be careful. If you add too much color, your kitchen will look dated within the next ten years. If you add color into your kitchen, keep it minimal, such as only the island.

The neutrals are turning

The neutral color palette has usually been grays, blues, and white. Now, the neutral color palette is turning to rust, earthy colors, and black-browns. With this palette you can add in colors like dark red and mustard yellow, bringing an entirely different look to your home.

Personalized Spaces

Personalized spaces are becoming increasing popular. Using unique patters and designs in a room with a mix of colors to personalize spaces. Tropical prints and bright colors will slowly make its way back.

More metal

Concrete has slowly worked its way up as an accent material. You might see more metal accents, sinks, counter tops and even floors. The added benefit of these metal pieces also means the added durability.

Remember, anytime you do a major home remodel it will always benefit you to have the work inspected. You don’t want to find a major problem with the work when you’re trying to sell the house. Make your home inspection appointment here!

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