Home Inspection issues in Tampa

The Most Common Home Inspection Issues in Tampa

All around the United States each state faces their own common issues. Depending on the region’s weather, some homes go through much more hardship than others. I think it’s safe to say Florida has its own unique set circumstances when it comes to weather. Most days it is hot. Every once in a while we have random cold days, and if we’re lucky enough they string together to make a “cold front”. What we don’t have to do is to face the challenges that come with freezing or below freezing temperatures, snow, or tornadoes. Tornadoes in Tampa are rare. What we do have to be concerned with is hurricane season, flooding and a whole lot of humidity! As a result, there is a pattern of common home inspection issues you can prepare for or prepare to address. Check out some of the most common home inspection issues in Tampa below.

Sinkholes are all over

Florida has more sinkholes that any other state in the entire U.S.A. Let that ‘sink in’ for a second. As a result, the government in Florida has taken precautions, as well as created specific programs, to address sinkholes. There’s no need to fret over the possibility of sinkholes because they really aren’t as common as you might think. However, be prepared that when you are looking at a home for sale there is always a possibility that a sinkhole is under the foundation. If a sinkhole does exist that does not mean the property is dangerous. Especially if the sinkhole issue has already been addressed.

Roof Issues

Heat, humidity, low hanging trees and insufficient maintenance are all causes of roof damage. And in Tampa we have all three pretty much all the time. Many homeowners do not maintain their landscaping over their roofs. This would include cutting down any branches that might be hanging over the roof on laying on the roof. The intense heat and mix with humidity causes roof damage at an accelerated rate. This can be a very big expense and one you would definitely want to know about before purchasing the home.

Flooding and Flawed Drainage

Tampa was built on swamp land – which means a lot of water everywhere. Flooding is a very common occurrence in Tampa and flawed drainage is an issue we come across often. If you are considering purchasing a home and you have the opportunity to drive through the neighborhood during heavy rain, we highly suggest it. During the heavy rain you will be able to see if there are any flooding issues within the neighborhood. Also drive past the home you want to purchase and take a look to see if you can spot any flooding in the yard, driveway, or street.

Not every issue uncovered during an inspection is that serious, and blowing a minor problem out of proportion could create bad vibes and spell “no sale. If you’re the seller, how much is the problem going to cost you to fix, or how much will you have to concede to the buyer to make the repairs? If you’re the buyer, what should you ask from the seller, or should you just walk away from this house no matter how much you love it? Your home inspector and your real estate agent can help guide you to make these decisions. Give us a call today to schedule your home inspection now!