home inspection

What happens if your Home Inspector misses something?

Finally you are in the last stage of purchasing your home and you are jumping through the last hoop: a home inspection. Many home-buyers find the home inspection process very stressful. The idea of finding something wrong with your new home that could potentially hinder the buying process is not fun. Even worse, what happens if your home inspector misses something?

Start with the right home inspector

Getting through the process calmly has a lot to do with trusting your home inspector. Remember he’s on your side! Not only is Divinity home inspectors going to find and explain any issues in detail, we’re going to do everything we can to offer you advice or guidance in how to fix your home issues. Either way, make sure you choose a home inspector that has a lot of good recommendations and a good reputation.

Attend your home inspection

Attending your home inspection is really important. Not only might it calm your nerves, but attending will also allow your inspector to point out anything they come across that is concerning. If you notice an inspector hesitate at the idea of your presence during the inspection, that is a big red flag! Any inspector should be very comfortable with the home buyer or home owner present during their inspection. Remember, it’s your job to make the most our of your home inspection.

What if your home inspector misses something?

Most home inspectors are not going to miss any major issues with your home, however it could happen. Sellers are required to disclose any major issues with the home before they sell it. If they don’t, proving they did would be more costly than it’s worth. You can bring the issue up to the home inspector. As long as you used one with decent liability insurance that covers more than just the cost of the inspection, odds are decent you’ll be compensated for any damages. Again, you’ll have to prove it. For example, if the inspector said the roof was in good condition, but there was a leak months later during a big storm, you would have to prove that nothing happened in the intervening time that damaged the roof.

Divinity Inspection service not only are fully licensed, but our inspectors are trained not to miss anything. We encourage you to attend your home inspection and we take the time to walk you through everything we do. You can schedule your inspection right here on our site!