inspecting your roof

Why is Inspecting your roof important?

You think you already know the answer. You think you know why inspecting your roof is important and you think I am only referring to roof inspections before you buy a home. Well slow down, because this article might surprise you. Of course the obvious answer to this question is that you need to know what kind of condition a home’s roof is in before you purchase the home. Replacing a roof is a substantial expense. Most people want a heads up if that kind of expense is in their near future. In our home inspections we inspect the roof for that reason, but that’s not what this article is about. We want to revise the importance of why you should be inspecting your roof annually. Roof inspections aren’t just for when you want to buy or sell a home. Roof inspections should be part of your annual checklist, and here’s why:

The Humidity

The humidity, especially the high levels in Florida, can promote algae, leaks, mold and more. In some cases algae or moss can get under the shingles and lift them up! Creating quite a bit of damage that you never knew was happening. Algae also eats away at the natural limestone in shingles, decreasing their weatherproofing properties.

Severe Weather

As we are in the middle of hurricane season, this is especially important. A severe thunderstorm, tropical storm, or hurricane can significantly damage a roof. High winds can lift up shingles or even blow them off. Even stronger winds can break the sealant bonds. Gutter and downspout runoff from severe storms can cause erosion of the mineral granules, leaks, algae, mold, and side walls may be damaged.

Small Problems Equal Bigger Problems

The issues we’ve listed may seem small but the truth is these small issues will lead to much bigger issues if they aren’t addressed. Loose shingles can lead to roof leaks, which lead to mold and damage inside your home, which can lead to much bigger expenses. Catching and treating the problem the sooner the better, and will decrease your chances of having much bigger issues.

At Divinity Home Inspection, we don’t have to inspect your whole house. We offer roof inspections, pool inspections, and other a la’ carte services to fit your needs. See our prices on our site or call us to set up an appointment.