hurricane ready

How to get your home hurricane ready

Believe it or not, hurricane season is here. And Cedar Key’s unfortunate run-in with hurricane Colin should be a lesson for us. Now is the time for you to get your house hurricane ready! Instead of waiting for another short notice warning (or even a hesitant warning), make the decision to get your home hurricane ready now, before a hurricane becomes an issue. Although not too many hurricanes have actually landed on Florida’s coast, it can happen at anytime. Below are some key actions you can take right now to prepare for any weather this hurricane season might bring.

Make a List

That daunting list of all the things you own in your home. Nothing about this task sounds fun, unless you love making long lists of many things. Unfortunately, if something does happen to your home and you need to make an insurance claim you will need this list. Having a list of all of your belongings, both inside and outside your home, can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Talk to your Insurance Provider

Believe it or not, you can actually jeopardize your insurance claim if you don’t properly prepare for a hurricane. The best action you can take is to call your insurance provider and find out from them what they require from you to properly prepare your house for a hurricane. As long as you follow their guidelines, you should have no issues making a claim should you need to.

Check the hurricane shutters

If you live in Florida then chances are high your house has hurricane shutters. You will need to check that your hurricane shutters are in proper working order. If you do not have hurricane shutters you may want to consider installing them.

If you want a professional to inspect your home and suggest how to prepare your house better for a hurricane, then you can hire Divinity Inspection Services to do that! Many people believe home inspections are only for buying and selling a house, but home inspections can offer great value to any home-owner! Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule your home inspection.