unusual home inspection

Unusual Home Inspection Finds

You may think coming across something unusual in a home inspection is rare, but unusual home inspection finds are more common than you think. Below is an interesting list of a few things we ourselves have found in various home inspections. We’ve also shared what others have found with you simply for your entertainment! But seriously, these unusual home inspections should make you aware that sometimes we do find some unusual problems. While unusual problems won’t stop you from purchasing your home, it’s good to know before you make the final purchasing decision.

Once our team was inspecting a fairly large home. We had been walking through for about 30 minutes before one of the inspectors found a

gas leak

. The gas detectors were not up to code (i.e. dead batteries) and we had no idea. Needless to say, we were very happy to get out of the house when we did. We were able to turn of the leak, identify the problem, and make both the home-owner and potential buyer aware of the issue. It was an unusual issue but also a scary one!

In another unusual situation, our team was inspection a fairly small home in downtown Tampa. These homes are known for being very old, built decades ago, so we knew what common issues to look for. However, when we crawled into the “crawl space” under the house we were in for a surprise. As we do with all of our inspections, we check every crawl space in the home, no matter where it is located. If we can get our head into the space to check it out then we will. In this scenario, we were a little shocked to find a

tree stump!

Not any little tree stump but a very large tree stump that had been cut down and the house built over it. In case you are unaware of the issue with this find, tree stumps have a tendency to grow. If the home-owners were not made aware of the tree stump then by the time they found it, it might have been pushing through their floorboard.

We’ve got lots of great stories for you! In fact, the next time we’re on the job feel free to ask us. You can hire Divinity Inspections anytime for any home or property inspection. In the meantime, here is a video with even more unusual finds! http://goo.gl/liAwbT