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Home Inspection Deal Breakers

So many times we run into new home-buyers terrified of getting a home inspection. They are so worried that we are going to ruin their deal and dismantle their dreams of living in a home they’ve fallen in love with. We are not the deal breakers. Well that is certainly not our goal! In fact, the majority of home inspections will uncover minor issues with a home that we will use to educate the new owners. Very rarely does a home inspection actually lead to the disruption of a home purchase. In this article we have listed 5 issues that, if found, could be a deal-breaker!

Foundation Issues

The foundation is the stronghold. Like most things in life, if the foundation is not strong then eventually what is above it will topple. If we find any major foundation issues with the home, which would be a huge undertaking to repair, it will likely be a deal-breaker.

Electrical Wiring

To be more specific, aluminum wiring! This was popular during the Vietnam War era but is not very common today. Aluminum wiring can be completely replaced with the correct wiring and would bring the home up to code. However, completely re-wiring a home is not an easy repair and would require you to have the extra funds necessary.

The Roof

We talked about the roof in our last blog. The roof is a big deal, and like any major issue, takes extensive funds to repair. In our inspections we will always inspect the roof and give you a practical estimate of the life left in your roof before you would need to replace it. Sometimes you can see the damage from the ground but most times the damage is lurking high above.

Flood Zones

Flood zones have become increasingly important, and around Florida, we’ve got lots of them! You don’t have to be buying a home near a beach or lake to be within a flood zone. Not only does flooding cause issues around your home but sometimes it can cause issues inside your home as well. You also have to consider the increased difficulty in selling your home in the future if it is within a flood zone.

Infestations and Mold

These are the issues that are lurking in the shadows. Behind the walls, in the attic, or under the home – infestations can be a huge issue. Depending on the type of infestation and where it is located, the fix would be minor or major. Chemical infestations, such as mold, can cost thousand of dollars to exterminate and can cause major health issues if not taken care of immediately.

You can see that these issues are not always easy to spot, but if they are there, we will spot them. Even as we list these “deal-breakers”, the truth is no one can dissolve a home purchase except for you. Even a major issue can be fixed if you have the money to fix it. When you use Divinity Inspection Services you have nothing to fear. Remember, you can also use the problems you find to help you with the negotiation!


inspecting your roof

Why is Inspecting your roof important?

You think you already know the answer. You think you know why inspecting your roof is important and you think I am only referring to roof inspections before you buy a home. Well slow down, because this article might surprise you. Of course the obvious answer to this question is that you need to know what kind of condition a home’s roof is in before you purchase the home. Replacing a roof is a substantial expense. Most people want a heads up if that kind of expense is in their near future. In our home inspections we inspect the roof for that reason, but that’s not what this article is about. We want to revise the importance of why you should be inspecting your roof annually. Roof inspections aren’t just for when you want to buy or sell a home. Roof inspections should be part of your annual checklist, and here’s why:

The Humidity

The humidity, especially the high levels in Florida, can promote algae, leaks, mold and more. In some cases algae or moss can get under the shingles and lift them up! Creating quite a bit of damage that you never knew was happening. Algae also eats away at the natural limestone in shingles, decreasing their weatherproofing properties.

Severe Weather

As we are in the middle of hurricane season, this is especially important. A severe thunderstorm, tropical storm, or hurricane can significantly damage a roof. High winds can lift up shingles or even blow them off. Even stronger winds can break the sealant bonds. Gutter and downspout runoff from severe storms can cause erosion of the mineral granules, leaks, algae, mold, and side walls may be damaged.

Small Problems Equal Bigger Problems

The issues we’ve listed may seem small but the truth is these small issues will lead to much bigger issues if they aren’t addressed. Loose shingles can lead to roof leaks, which lead to mold and damage inside your home, which can lead to much bigger expenses. Catching and treating the problem the sooner the better, and will decrease your chances of having much bigger issues.

At Divinity Home Inspection, we don’t have to inspect your whole house. We offer roof inspections, pool inspections, and other a la’ carte services to fit your needs. See our prices on our site or call us to set up an appointment.


hurricane ready

How to get your home hurricane ready

Believe it or not, hurricane season is here. And Cedar Key’s unfortunate run-in with hurricane Colin should be a lesson for us. Now is the time for you to get your house hurricane ready! Instead of waiting for another short notice warning (or even a hesitant warning), make the decision to get your home hurricane ready now, before a hurricane becomes an issue. Although not too many hurricanes have actually landed on Florida’s coast, it can happen at anytime. Below are some key actions you can take right now to prepare for any weather this hurricane season might bring.

Make a List

That daunting list of all the things you own in your home. Nothing about this task sounds fun, unless you love making long lists of many things. Unfortunately, if something does happen to your home and you need to make an insurance claim you will need this list. Having a list of all of your belongings, both inside and outside your home, can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Talk to your Insurance Provider

Believe it or not, you can actually jeopardize your insurance claim if you don’t properly prepare for a hurricane. The best action you can take is to call your insurance provider and find out from them what they require from you to properly prepare your house for a hurricane. As long as you follow their guidelines, you should have no issues making a claim should you need to.

Check the hurricane shutters

If you live in Florida then chances are high your house has hurricane shutters. You will need to check that your hurricane shutters are in proper working order. If you do not have hurricane shutters you may want to consider installing them.

If you want a professional to inspect your home and suggest how to prepare your house better for a hurricane, then you can hire Divinity Inspection Services to do that! Many people believe home inspections are only for buying and selling a house, but home inspections can offer great value to any home-owner! Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule your home inspection.

unusual home inspection

Unusual Home Inspection Finds

You may think coming across something unusual in a home inspection is rare, but unusual home inspection finds are more common than you think. Below is an interesting list of a few things we ourselves have found in various home inspections. We’ve also shared what others have found with you simply for your entertainment! But seriously, these unusual home inspections should make you aware that sometimes we do find some unusual problems. While unusual problems won’t stop you from purchasing your home, it’s good to know before you make the final purchasing decision.

Once our team was inspecting a fairly large home. We had been walking through for about 30 minutes before one of the inspectors found a

gas leak

. The gas detectors were not up to code (i.e. dead batteries) and we had no idea. Needless to say, we were very happy to get out of the house when we did. We were able to turn of the leak, identify the problem, and make both the home-owner and potential buyer aware of the issue. It was an unusual issue but also a scary one!

In another unusual situation, our team was inspection a fairly small home in downtown Tampa. These homes are known for being very old, built decades ago, so we knew what common issues to look for. However, when we crawled into the “crawl space” under the house we were in for a surprise. As we do with all of our inspections, we check every crawl space in the home, no matter where it is located. If we can get our head into the space to check it out then we will. In this scenario, we were a little shocked to find a

tree stump!

Not any little tree stump but a very large tree stump that had been cut down and the house built over it. In case you are unaware of the issue with this find, tree stumps have a tendency to grow. If the home-owners were not made aware of the tree stump then by the time they found it, it might have been pushing through their floorboard.

We’ve got lots of great stories for you! In fact, the next time we’re on the job feel free to ask us. You can hire Divinity Inspections anytime for any home or property inspection. In the meantime, here is a video with even more unusual finds!