multiple inspections

Multiple Inspections May Be On The Way

The housing demand is high and the market is low. Multiple inspections are becoming a common phenomenon in the housing market. Sellers are encouraging all out bidding wars and taking to new tactics to ensure they get the most out of their sale. Unfortunately for the buyers, this could mean paying for multiple home inspections.

More Than One

According to real estate broker Kelly Meister, sellers are looking for pre-inspections as an indication of a serious buyer. This means serious buyers are willing to shell out the cash for a pre-inspection before making an offer, and without any guarantee of getting the home. Even with a pre-inspection you are still encouraged to get a home inspection before completing the purchase of the home. This results in hundreds, sometimes thousands, of extra fees that you may be paying for.

Specific Types of Inspections

One way you can save money on pre-inspections is to get a specific type of inspection. An example of this would be a wind mitigation inspection or a structural inspection. Instead of spending $500 on a home inspection you can save a few hundred dollars. With these specific types of home inspections you can feel confident the “big” issues are out of the way and save the full home inspection when your offer on the home has been accepted. At Divinity Inspection Service we offer inspections in all areas of the home.

Don’t Get Too Attached

Home buyers commonly get emotionally attached to a home before purchasing. Unfortunately, this means walking away from the transaction can be very hard. If you are spending tons of money in home inspections it will quickly become an issue as funds run low and options run out. We recommend keeping an open mind and trusting our ability to inspect your home thoroughly.