How to save with a Pre-listing home inspection

A pre-listing home inspection is a home inspection paid for by the seller which provides the seller with a detailed report of the condition of the home. A pre-listing inspection is not much different than any other home inspection. The biggest difference is the inspection is performed before the house is listed on the market. The goal is to educate the seller on any concerns or issues with the home that might be found during the inspection. The seller will make the decision as to whether they want to address any issues or not, they are under no obligation to do so. The biggest benefit to a pre-listing inspection is the seller will know exactly what to expect when a buyer has a home inspection done and the seller will know about any issues about the home ahead of time and have an opportunity to address those issues which would increase the home’s value.

While a home inspection is mostly used as a negotiation tool for buyers, a home inspection can also be used as a tool to increase the home’s value for a seller. A pre-listing inspection gives control back to the seller. By identifying issues and addressing them, the seller could save money by hiring someone or fixing the issue themselves, whether it’s a fix or a replace, rather than pay for a buyer’s licensed contractor. If a seller has items repaired or replaced ahead of time and it does not come up with the buyer, then it’s not an issue.

Being up front about the condition of a home is a great negotiating tool for a seller. Buyers will appreciate the effort and honesty, they will feel more confident in the home they are purchasing, and a pre-listing report can erase the anxiousness a buyer feels when they are getting a home inspection. The benefits clearly outweigh the cost. If you’re interested in a pre-listing home inspection to help you determine the value of your home or supply you with a detailed report on the condition of your home, please contact Divinity Inspection Services.



Prepare for a home inspection

Sellers you are not completely at the mercy of a home inspector, and you shouldn’t let yourself be. Getting anxious about having your home inspected? Don’t be. There are a few things you as a seller can do to prepare the home for a home inspection which can make the experience that much better.

It’s not about the cleaning

A messy house does not determine the state of the home’s condition. It’s not about the cleaning but about making everything easy to find and easily accessible. Inspectors are required to inspect every space of the house. This includes the attic, underneath the home, etc. Making these spaces easily accessible will go a long way. When inspectors cannot gain easy access to important components of the house buyers might feel nervous it is an indication that the seller is trying to hide something. That being said, the home inspector will need to test all the appliances so make sure you take your dirty laundry out of the washer and dryer.

Take a look at small spaces

Have you ever looked in your crawl space? Probably not, especially if you have no need for that space. A home inspector will look in that space so you may want to take a glance to make sure the home inspector can access the crawl space and to make sure there is nothing in that space that might stop the inspector from doing a proper inspection. This includes access to the heating systems and garage.

Outside the house

Some of the best steps a seller can take before a home inspection is to take a look outside the house.

  • Clean out dirty gutters or remove debris from the roof
  • Trim trees, roots, and brushes back
  • Ensure that all doors and windows are in proper operating condition
  • Replace any blown lightbulbs

These small steps are easy to do but will also make a big difference for a home inspection

It’s not the time to get cheap

If you, the seller, notices something in the home that needs to be repaired then repair it before the home inspection. However, make sure to repair it properly or hire a professional if needed. Sometimes a botched repair can cause more issues than identifying the problem in the home inspection instead. Definitely don’t try to conceal any defects because when the home inspector finds it, and they will, you’ve now made the buyers very nervous.


At Divinity Inspection Service we’re not just careful about the things in your home, we take great care to inspect your house without creating any messes. We take the extra time to make sure both the buyer and seller feel comfortable.